On The Move

Key Biscayners Will Tompkins & Jamie McCaughan Tompkins and their daughters, Isabella (8) and Victoria (7), know how lucky they are to live in one of the world’s most sought-after communities. As such, they always try to take full advantage of every opportunity to have fun, day in and day out.
Words by Jorge Arauz | Photo by Josue Acosta | December 27, 2019 | People

“The ease and number of activities that island living offers is incredible — we’re very grateful to the people, both past and present, who have contributed and continue to make our island paradise the best place to live!”

From their home on Hampton Lane, the super involved Tompkins Family is always in search of their next great adventure. Will, a New York-born General Contractor for Tompkins Construction, and Jamie, a Key Rat and leading Real Estate Agent with McCaughan & Mandiola Luxury RE Group, have found that the secret to a happy life is balance. Among their favorite pastimes, the dynamic foursome enjoys boating and barbecuing with friends and family. Jamie is on the Kid’s Committee at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club; and Will coaches Isabella’s basketball team. “Most weekends end with Sunday family dinners at our sister and brother-in-law’s house,” they say. “We feel fortunate to have lots of loved ones, both new and lifelong, on the island.” Just last month, Will and the girls spent a night camping at Bill Baggs with a group of Key Biscayne fathers and their children; the following evening they participating in a festive boat parade; and the next week they went caroling around the island on golf carts. “We cannot think of any other place that has the safety, beauty, accessibility, entertainment, services and ease that our island offers,” they say. “It’s a wonderful life when you have to decide between going to the beach, the park, biking, boating or swimming in the ocean!”