Once Upon A Kiss

This issue is dedicated to all things passion: LOVE...LIFE...YACHTS!
Words by Jorge Arauz | January 30, 2021 | Lifestyle

While I was interviewing the couples spotlighted in our “Key Couples” feature this month, it got me thinking about what a blessing true love really is. My own love story is full of surprises. The very moment that my wife and I first met aired on national television (thank goodness for TiVo and DVR!). We hit modest jackpots in the Florida Lottery twice by playing the numbers of our P.O. Box (Fantasy 5) and our marriage license docket number (Pick 4). We got engaged during a rare solar eclipse that occurred during a summer sandstorm with hail on a Palindrome Day in Delhi an hour before our flight back to Miami. Since our wedding day (we got married on my birthday!), we’ve built a home together, embraced family values, established lifelong friendships, launched multiple endeavors, donated our time, talent and treasure to causes near and dear to our hearts, and most importantly, we’ve made our marriage a priority. Even though we may disagree on many things and don’t always see eye to eye, we absolutely agree that we must never, ever give up on our romance and love for one another because the best is yet to come. And we’re looking forward to experiencing every minute of it together.