Path Forward

As the world begins to open back up and our hopes and dreams for the future are closer than we ever imagined, many of us find ourselves nostalgic for how things used to be, and where we are going.
Words by Jorge Arauz | June 24, 2021 | Lifestyle

We want to attend events. We want to network. We want to shake hands. Hug. Kiss. High-five. We long to get back to a semblance of how life used to be before the world stopped. Elbow bumps and Zooms had their time and place, and will undoubtedly have a role in many aspects of our daily lives and businesses moving forth, but the general consensus remains constant: It’s time to embrace our new and improved normal and march on with our lives with gusto and a refreshed sense of gratitude and appreciation. Some things will go back to exactly how they used to be; many aspects of life will emerge new and improved. Whether you see the glass half empty or half full, although we have been forever changed, we have most definitely evolved in more ways than any of us could have predicted before our lives got turned upside down. Through it all, the future looks brighter than ever.