Paving The Way

Signs of growth are all around us! It seems that as soon as the time changes each year, and we “spring forward.
Words by Jorge Arauz | March 30, 2021 | Lifestyle

“We are all far more interconnected with the cycles of nature than many of us may realize — when things begin to revive in the natural world, so too, do our souls begin to thrive.” 

It’s natures cue to kick everything into full gear. Longer days of sunshine breathe life into every living thing around us. The exotic hibiscus are blooming, palms are sprouting up new fronds, mangoes are ripening and the Animal Kingdom is in full swing. We humans are also invigorated to seize each day with renewed gusto. Spring cleaning gives way to more organized ways of operating and in turn we find ourselves more productive than ever. Though our schedules are full and our senses overwhelmed with all the action and beauty around us, we must never forget to stop and smell the flowers — because if we don’t, we might just miss something spectacular. And nature is not something that we should ever take for granted.