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Nicklaus Children’s Sports Health Program brings together the region’s top pediatric sports medicine professionals in a comprehensive program dedicated to enhancing sports performance in the young athlete.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | November 29, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

Keeping young athletes in the game is a matter of caring for the whole person, including the heart, mind and musculoskeletal system. Nicklaus Children’s Sports Health Program offers a multidisciplinary team approach to sports health management that incorporates screening, evaluation, injury prevention training and performance optimization, as well as comprehensive injury management. The program offers free EKG screenings to identify athletes at risk of sudden cardiac death as well as assessments to support athletes in preventing common sports injuries. If a child does suffer an injury, his or her interdisciplinary team of orthopedic, neurologic and rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to getting the young athlete back in the game and participating in athletics as quickly and safely as possible. The team is among the most experienced in the region in providing care for young athletes, including elite competitors participating at the national level. Nicklaus Children’s new Sports Health Center in Pinecrest offers comprehensive sports prevention and rehabilitation services, all focused on the young athlete;