Personal Commitment

The Roads Dental Specialty understands that every patient is unique. In addition to providing first-rate service, they work hard to create a comfortable and welcoming environment to help overcome patient’s traditional dental anxieties.
Text by Sandy Lindsey Group photo by Ximena Etchart | May 17, 2018 | People
From left to right: Dr. Ashley Rosenbaum, Dr. Kenneth Knopf, Dr. Diana Alvarez-Rodriguez

“We take a unique approach to treating every patient,” says Dr. Kenneth Knopf, Diplomate, American Board Of Endontics, who along with Periodontist Diane Alvarez-Rodriguez and Pedontist Dr. Ashley Rosenbaum form The Roads Dental Specialty. ““Our main focus has been to establish and maintain the highest level of excellence in diagnostic testing and treatment planning for our patients and their referring dentist,” he says. This includes endodontic consultations, second opinions, differential diagnosis of orafacial pain, precise radiographic interpretations and reporting, 3DCBCT scans, treatment of traumatic injuries to teeth, “cracked” teeth, non-surgical and retreatments RCTs for children 6-21 through adults, with seniors receiving discounted fees. The team’s Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Ashley Rosenbaum, has always had a high-energy, animated personality perfect for working with children. “My career allows me to be my true self and work with children to alleviate any fear or anxiety they have associated with going to the dentist,” she says. “My goal is to take care of each child as a whole, and focus on the importance of providing a good experience to achieve a lifetime of good oral health.” As such, she offers comprehensive in-office dental preventive and restorative treatment including composite restorations, extractions, pulpotomies, crowns, space maintainers and treatment of traumatic teeth, both with and without the use of Nitrous Oxide Sedation. Rounding out the highly-experienced and credentialed team is Dr. Diane Alvarez-Rodriguez. Her extensive educational background includes several degrees from top-ranking American Institutions, a specialty residency program in Prosthodontics and one in Periodotics, which allows her to perform as a specialist in various areas of cosmetic and oral surgery. “Our practice at The Roads Dental Specialty Group is set up in a way to allow a calming, relaxed and thorough dental visit,” concludes Dr. Knopf. “We allow for an adequate amount of time for each patient to be seen and evaluated properly and to promote a great experience for parents and children.”; 1387 Coral Way, Miami; 305.856.1134;