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Personalizing Trends

It’s not uncommon for someone not to be able to describe their style. Carol Craiglow of Interiors By Studio South recommends that we create a “story book” that gathers ideas from magazine clippings, paint colors and fabric swatches — basically from anything that inspires us.
Tips by Carol Craiglow | May 30, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

1. White & Bright: Two simple ways to make any room feel bigger are to paint it white and let some light in. The space will automatically feel larger and more open.





2. Color Code: At Studio South, we never say no to color. Sure, neutrals are always safe…but a pop of color can go a long way.





3. Totally Textured: Never forget to experiment with textures. From linen to velvet to grasscloth, combining textures adds life to a room in a subtle and sophisticated way.




4. Wallpaper Wow: Whether on a single wall or an entire bathroom, wallpaper gives any room a charm paint can’t always create.





5. Pretty Patterns: Although clients tend to like solid fabrics, mixing patterns together with solids creates a more interesting design scheme and livens up a room.





6. Door Do-Over: Take basic wood front doors and install a decorative textured wave glass insert to let the light shine in.





7. Vanity Make-Over: Resurface an existing cabinet with new wood fronts and chrome knobs. Also, add custom-stained wood frames around mirrors.





8. Table Layers: Bring interest to a table by layering accessories and mixing old with new pieces. You can also lay a basket on its side for texture.





9. Drab To Fab: Revive an old family heirloom and make it your own by injecting some personal style into it.





10. Get Inspired: Welcome the outside into your home using a sisal area rug with tropical fabric combined with outdoor texture solids.


› As a decorator, Carol Craiglow of Interiors By Studio South in Key Biscayne has a style of design that’s focused on helping clients bring their inner style and personality to their home or room. Her philosophy is “Let me make your house a home.”;