Persuasive Paintings

A fusion of Elidea’s personal passion for contemporary art and photography with a graphic design background allows her to develop expressive new forms. The results are mesmerizing.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | March 30, 2020 | Lifestyle

The paintings of artist Elidea take on a life of their own, where she feels as though she is collaborating with the piece of art itself. She believes her work could only happen in that exactly way on that exact day and place, and never again. Cutting, pasting and overlaying allows her to create her unique vision — often surrealistic and full of stimulus. These are entrancing, multilayer works with hidden details via a technique evolved from classic photos into mixed media creations with the use of paper, golden leaf, acrylic colors and pencil. “Art for me has always been an effective tool for improvement and awareness,” she says. “What I try to represent with my works is to get lost, to move from one state to another, solicit the passage, and then immerse yourself in life in an evermore present and intense perspective and appreciate every single aspect.”;