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Interiors By Steven G. started in the den of his home 33 years ago. In the ensuing decades, it has evolved into an impressive organization of 70 strong, with a 100,000-sq.-ft. main headquarters in Pompano Beach and a luxury boutique showroom in Sunny Isles…and the firm is still growing.
Text by Sandy Lindsey Photos courtesy of Interiors By Steven G. | May 20, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

Steven G. doesn’t just want to have happy clients, he wants to have raving fans. “We approach every project the same — it’s all about what the client wants,” says Steven Gurowitz, Owner of Interiors By Steven G. “We work hard, we don’t sleep, and most of all, we’re always accessible. Our team is amazing because they are all professionals. From AutoCAD to hand-drawn renderings to our assistants, designers, in-house marketing and warehouse team, they know what to do and how to get the job done. Not only do we deliver as promised but we stand behind the product for years to come, and are always there for clients if needed for even the smallest item.”
The firm’s entire focus is on turning each client’s personal vision of the perfect space into a concrete reality. “Interiors by Steven G.’s high-end interior designers have done projects down the Eastern Seaboard, throughout the U.S. and across the world,” says Steven. “We have a vast array of quality interior design styles to accommodate and fulfill every client’s needs. In addition, our team members are fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French and German, so we speak your language — literally.”
What’s more, touring their showroom is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced under one roof from an interior design firm. “Clients never have to leave our showroom,” says Steven. “We can handle every aspect of the design process from there — from design concept to AutoCAD, renderings, purchasing and installation by our own trucks and our own installation team.”
There are two distinctive premium interior design divisions within the showroom and warehouse. The firm currently stocks over $5 million in marble, stone and porcelain, ranging from 36×36 Calcutta Gold to 36×36 crème marble. “We’ve also opened a division for our clients to shop for all their household needs,” says Steven. “Whether you’re looking for linens, furnishings, pots, pans, or anything you can think of for your newly gorgeous home, we’ve got it.”
Moreover, the quality of the warehouse selection is a reflection of Steven’s vast experience. He’s had more than his share of unique and interesting projects. Years ago, he was hired by two gentlemen to design and furnish their 5,000-sq.-ft. luxury condominium penthouse as an art gallery. “At that time, I knew as much about the world of modern art as I did about flying an airplane, which was basically zero,” he quips. “I was very honest and told the gentlemen I knew nothing about the world of modern art, especially masters. They chuckled and said it was about time that I learned, and thus started an adventure and a personal collection of modern art.” Subsequently, he attended his first art auction in New York and then the second and the third and the fourth and the fifth. “I educated myself with the help of the genius Gordon Locksley and his partner, Wayne Boeck,” he says. “I completed the apartment and had the honor of hanging the greats of Andy Warhol, Nevelson, Dan Flavin and on and on and on!”
Even more inspiring, Steven brings this passion to all aspects of his life. “I arrived in South Florida prior to my 19th birthday,” he says. “I’ve always loved Florida, especially Miami, where I still live. My life revolves around my professional career, family and yachting. Whenever I have free time, I’m on the water — it’s the only thing that allows me to relax…and even then, I’m still working!”
As they continue to evolve the brand, the team at Interiors by Steven G. regularly designs the sales centers and model units at top developments from Miami to the Palm Beaches, including Marina Palms, Aventura Park Square, Turnberry Ocean, Prive and Sabbia Beach, to name just a few. They have also expanded into hospitality. Overall, the firm has worked with developers, hotels, restaurants, financial institutions, condominium associations and, of course, homeowners. “Our design style makes us well-suited to South Florida,” affirms Steven. “Miami and Key Biscayne are international markets and have been for many years. Our design criteria fits all walks of life. You want to live a beautiful life; it’s the reason you live in Miami. It’s the hottest city of the 21st Century — a place of beauty, luxury and international character.”
As such, it’s no surprise to learn that the full-service in-house interior design staff of licensed interior designers, LEED-accredited professionals, technical designers and design renderers are the recipients of numerous design awards. The entire team understands that luxury and comfort mean different things to different people. “Whether it’s a main residence or a vacation getaway spot, everyone wants a place they’ll feel proud to present to friends and colleagues,” concludes Steven. “Our job is to build an oasis in your jam-packed life. We start with you. There’s a design vision you’ve always imagined. We ask the right questions to find out what that is. Together, we’ll dig deep to uncover what’s in your head and heart in order to bring your house, condo or yacht to life. Only then do we get to work.”
The Interiors By Steven G. Corporate Showroom is located at 2818 Center Port Circle in Pompano Beach; 954.735.8223. The Boutique Showroom is located at 18288 Collins Ave. in Sunny Isles Beach; 305.974.0161. For more information, to peruse services and products or to schedule a consultation, visit or