Phoenix Rising

A heartwarming new book from Mike Noriega, whose grandmother died in the Champlain Towers collapse, addresses the eternal question, “How do you endure a broken heart without crushing your spirit?”
Words // Stacy Wynn | August 28, 2023 | People

The eyes of the world turned to Surfside, Florida, on June 24, 2021, as Champlain Towers South partially collapsed, resulting in the deaths of 98 innocent people. Among them was Hilda Noriega, grandmother of Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Christian Leader, Author & Public Speaker Mike Noriega. While the family was in shock and overcome with grief in the aftermath of the tragedy, Noriega served as a media spokesperson on behalf of the families impacted, allowing him to not only share the profound faith of his grandmother, but to also discover his own in the process. In Uncollapsable Soul, he shares his difficult seasons of dealing with a burdened and broken heart, through which he found healing through his own “5 Requisites of Restoration.” The book guides readers in learning that while the pain of heartbreak is inevitable, the hopelessness of a crushed spirit is optional;