Photo Finish

A Magic City super sensation aiming for Formula One legendom is 12-year old Santiago Trisini, and he’s making serious waves in the international go-kart racing community.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 1, 2018 | People

Leaning into curves, the smell of burnt rubber and motor oil, testing the limits of the man-machine interface in a no-holds-barred pell-mell race for sportsman superiority — is there no more iconic image of a young boy’s dreams than go-kart racing?! Separating the dreamers from the doers with a signature flair and the careful training of some of the sport’s most sage advisors, Miami’s own Santiago Trisini is a true champion. Now training in Italy under the tutelage of technician and talent scout Dino Chiesa of Kart Republic, Trisini couldn’t be more enthused to be working with a living legend of the Formula One field. “Mr. Chiesa is a very respected person in the karting industry, one of the best, and the mentor of many famous drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg,” he says. “I’m really looking forward to spend this next season in Europe trying to absorb as much as I can while working hard to make all my dreams come true.”