Photo Impact

Although inhabiting a genre long considered too pedestrian to be considered art, the sports stills of celebrated Miami-based Photographer Al Diaz show the composition and poise of a true master.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 11, 2018 | People

A great sports photograph has all the important elements needed to leave a lasting impression. “The light, the emotion, the movement and composition…they all collide in a split second to tell a compelling story,” says Legendary Photographer Al Diaz. An award-winning photographer and staff member of The Miami Herald since 1983, it would be difficult to count the accolades earned during this veteran photojournalist’s prolific career, and although certainly not limited to subjects of the athletic variety, Diaz clearly shines when faced with the dynamism inherent in physical contest. From Super Bowls and NBA championships to more modest collegiate matchups, one of our favorite ways to see sports in The Magic City is through his prolific lens;