Pioneering Pen

Developed in collaboration with engineers at Politecnico Di Milano, the Age Of Discovery pen marks the first wayfinding complication to ever be featured on a Montegrappa writing instrument.
Words by Zelda Grant | April 28, 2022 | Luxury

The Montegrappa Age Of Discovery Pens are designed to engender a sense of wonder and inspire owners to follow their own course. The overall design is a miniature mariner’s telescope handcrafted from mahogany and brass. Materials are selected for historical accuracy, as well as their ability to age gracefully and become shinier with repeated use. Its vintage charms extend to a sextant-shaped clip and a rustic reproduction of Magellan’s pioneering route around the world. But it’s on the inside where this writing tool’s true pedigree is revealed. For fountain pen aficionados, Age Of Discovery contains a rare, one-touch filling mechanism. Power-Push is a proprietary technology that has been featured in only three previous production models, but never more accessibly. The piston is activated by squeezing the barrel’s telescopic action. For writers tired of the twists and turns of drawing ink, it’s a discovery in its own right;