Polished Apple

The designers at Hermès have built an enviably reputation for their ability to transform practical items into luxury accessories. They have now turned their attention to the Apple Watch, reinventing it with understated elegance.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 23, 2018 | Luxury

Apple’s watches have driven millions of tech-savvy individuals into Apple stores. But while the masses are pleased with the latest from the mall, others seek a more exclusive option. Hermès, the iconic fashion house that pretty much invented style, has partnered with Apple to create the ultimate in timekeeping with elegance. The Hermès Apple Watch is this generation’s version of Cartier’s Tank Watch. It combines an air of practical ruggedness with understated luxury. Your choice of French leather bands, a double-band, a single band or the equestrian-inspired cuff, keep it secured to your wrist. When not in use, you might want to store it in the Incase X Parabellum Traveler Folio. Crafted of American bison leather and lined in suede, the handmade case is the perfect choice in portable protection;;