Posh Supplies

Forget USB coffee warmers and staplers shaped like farm animals. Your office supplies say a lot about your work ethic and professionalism. Here are some that are sure to send the right message.
Column by John Antonaras | June 18, 2018 | Lifestyle

Epic Lead
The humble pencil is more overlooked than ever in the digital age, but the masters of writing instrument design over at Graf Von Faber-Castell are determined to make graphite sexy once more. And with their Perfect Pencil, we think they do a fine job. With a built-in sharpener integrated into the extender, it helps make sure that your lines are always perfectly sharp and precise…plus, you can always erase any mistakes; $245,




Intelligent Writing
Tapping on those touchscreen keyboards can be a pain. Sometimes, we just want to enjoy organizing our thoughts with pen and paper. With the Livescribe Sky Smartpen, getting those scribblings digitized is easy as pie. The Livescribe automatically syncs with your Evernote account, recording not just what you write, but the audio playing around you when you jot down each word. Use it to write, search, share and organize — it’s a breeze; $170,




Stay Connected
We’ll be the first to admit it: they’re not exactly cool. But Bluetooth headsets are a necessary evil, so we might as well get one with a slick design and some killer functionality. The Sennheiser VMX Office boasts crystal-clear sound, a light, ergonomic design and a great fit. Best of all, it connects not only to your cell, but also to landlines and even your PC or laptop. Toggle between devices with the simple push of a button; $250,



Warning Signs
On the eve of the centennial anniversary of the Income Tax Act of 1913, lawmakers are contemplating an increase in income taxes for Americans. History does repeat itself. Some of the same issues we faced 100 years ago still affect us today with the same answer: Raise taxes! Back then, the government needed more money to fund wars and all kinds of other projects it couldn’t pay for with the revenue that was coming in, and that’s the same today with Iraq and ObamaCare. Sure, everyone talks about cutting spending, but why cut spending if you can raise more revenue — and the money isn’t yours anyway, right? Politicians were helpless to stop the 1913 Tax Act from passing and they pretty much feel the same way today. More revenue is always better for business, isn’t it? The Federal Reserve needs to help guide Congress and The White House to set the economic course once again in the months and years to come, but until that happens, you’d better talk to your accountant about how the new revenues will be affecting you and your finances. And, yes, business is good. God Bless America.

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