Power Chugs

Discover some cocktails and libations that give an energy boost, cut down on hangovers, and offer much more besides great taste and an unforgettable experience.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | June 15, 2018 | Lifestyle

Ever since the words “Red Bull & Vodka” were first uttered, cocktails that include performance-enhancing energy drinks have been the way to remain vigorous through a long night of partying. Red Bull still leads the pack according to most market share sources with its promise to reduce tiredness and fatigue, increase alertness and improve concentration with a unique flavor that mixes well with everything top shelf. Monster, Rockstar, Roaring Lion and Sobe No Fear are also commonly blended as cocktails, mixed shots or served on the side. Some bartenders have even created signature drinks that are surprisingly sophisticated. Looking for an extreme power-kick? The Simply Hammered (Rockstar Energy Drink, Red Bull, Vodka & Sprite) is not for the novice drinker.
Not in the mood for something fizzy? Check out caffeine-infused vodkas such as V2 Energy Vodka, Blue Lotus & P.I.N.K., which also feature taurine, gaurana and other energy-enhancing ingredients. Gatorade is another popular mixer, without the punch of caffeine, but the bonus of electrolytes and fluids that can help stave off a hangover the following morning.
Already have the hangover? Chug coconut water or a sports drink to rehydrate and refuel electrolytes. Add a shot of alcohol to create a lite, palatable version of the infamous “hair of the dog”. Additionally, to lessen the chance of a hangover, you may want to choose fruit juice mixers. University of Manchester researchers found that carbonated mixers increase the rate of alcohol absorption in the blood leading to faster intoxication and more severe hangovers.
What’s more, dark spirits contain more congeners (a byproduct of alcohol fermentation that leads to hangovers). Dark rum, whiskey, red wine, bourbon and brandy are the worst offenders. Light spirits such as vodka, gin, light rum and white wine contain less congeners. Better-quality liquor normally has less congener impurities than the cheap stuff. Blending congeners is also a bad idea so stick with one type of alcohol for the evening.
Before you even venture out, set a glass of water out on your bedside table with some B & C Vitamins and take them before you crash onto your pillow…you’ll be happy you did. That and make sure to have a way to get a big breakfast in your belly soon after you awake — whether you cook it yourself or order in.