Powerful Perspective

Liene Bosquê is interested in the relationship between place and people. She conceives her work from traces, shadows, impressions, imprints and reflections as a means to emphasize memory, context and history.
Words by Zelda Grant | Photos by Philip Karp | December 26, 2023 | People

Through travels and research, Liene Bosquê investigates the effects of the passage of time on places and its inhabitants, focusing on the exchanges between them, when the body interferes — either with its presence or absence — and modifies the spaces it occupies. She’s also interested in the history of vernacular as well as iconic architecture of small and big cities. “In the series Recollection, I reinterpret symbolic constructions into miniature sculptures that allude to travel souvenirs. I tackle not only concepts of collection, but also notions of personal and collective memories,” she says. “I’m interested in the meanings that human beings attach to places and objects, and how such experiences can serve as catalysts to alter public perspectives, inserting them into private domains. I also develop them in various media, such as installations, objects, site-specifics and performances.” Her approach to materials is broad, including textiles, plaster, clay, latex and plastic. These are materials that can often be transformed and take the shape of a mold. Mold-making, thus, has been at the core of her process since the beginning, allowing her to convert rigid and coarse architectural textures into more fragile and pliable substances;