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Prefab Beauties

Does the notion of a prefab home have you cringing? You’ll change your tune after checking out the eco-friendly beauties on offer from LivingHomes.

Would you like to live in a home designed by a world-class architect that combines a slick, modern look with a host of eco-friendly qualities? Sounds like a dream…but with LivingHomes, it’s not only possible: it’s downright affordable. The company makes it a point to create homes as sustainably as possible, and so far, are succeeding brilliantly, already earning a coveted Platinum LEED rating for their original C6 home, which includes smarting heating and A/C management, minimal indoor air pollution, and a powerfully reduced ecological footprint. Don’t see a design you’re in love with? Don’t fret: The company also offers custom home designs, catering to your exact needs and specifications;