Pure Joy

Whether planned or by chance, the Key Biscayners you’re about to meet adopted the perfect addition to their families through local rescue organizations on a mission to ensure every pet in need finds true happiness in a forever home.
Words // Jorge Arauz | Photography // Wioletta Bublik | Creative Direction // Isa Zapata | February 24, 2023 | People

Meant To Be

After losing both of her loving senior dogs during the pandemic, Corinne Dodd found Toulie, a small Mixed Jack-Rat Terrier, through United For Animals Rescue (UFAR). Throughout the years, Corinne has supported several animal organizations including Paws4You, Miami-Dade Animal Services and Humane Society. Today, Toulie accompanies her human on morning beach runs and to work at Cervera Real Estate in Key Biscayne. “Clients love her — she greets everyone with a smile and a lick-kiss. It means so much for me to have her with me at all times,” she says. “When we adopt from a shelter, we are literally saving an animal. They will be forever grateful and thankful. The love you’ll get back from these special souls is immeasurable, unconditional and like no other.”

Love At First Sight

It was 8 years ago that The Norris Family saved the life of Sebastian, an adorable senior Pekingese rescue they adopted from a Petco in Tennessee. “The poor little guy had been through a lot,” say Stephen & Tommie Norris. “He was owned by a hoarder, had an eye injury and his hair had been shaved off to be treated for parasite infestation.” Today, Sebastian lives with his humans and Miniature Schnauzer sibling Mollie at the Island Breakers in Key Biscayne. “We have rescured stray dogs and cats throughout our life,” say the couple. “Not only do animals need love and care from people, we also reap the benefits of the love and companionship we get from our pets!” 

All In The Family

For The Echeverria Family, their first rescue experience turned out to be a pure blessing. Their beloved Max came to them from Paw Patrol via an Instagram post back in 2016 showcasing 4 puppies ready to find a new home. After scheduling a weekend together, the family embraced Max with open arms. “He is the goofiest, most loving dog — everyone in our building knows Max! All the small kids can’t wait to give him hugs in the elevator! Even tourists visiting with their families stop us on our walks, just to pet him and comment on what a handsome boy he is,” they say. “There is a big population of great pets just waiting for forever, loving homes — please adopt, don’t buy!”