Pure Talent

Fresh on the heels of her debut Indie Pop EP, Giselle Torres finds inspiration in her real-life experiences to tell a story of young love and heartbreak.
Words // Anja Maltav Portrait // Emmanuel Akinnitire Album cover // Scott Fitzpatrick | December 28, 2021 | People

Growing up in Key Biscayne, 19-year-old Mexican-American singer/songwriter/actress Giselle Torres was one of the first YouTube singers to find immense success at a young age, amassing more than 1 billion views and paving the path for rising young artists around the world. Her 2.3 million and counting followers appreciate the rawness of her songs and relatable, heartfelt lyrics. After expanding her fanbase on X Factor in 2013, she just recently released her highly anticipated debut EP, Sorry To Future Me. The album is a modern love story divided into 5 songs which are connected through the course of 5 videos that will be released on her channel. From penning the scripts to writing the songs and directing and starring in the videos, her fueling passion comes from a devotion to storytelling and bringing her vision to life;