Pursuing Goals

The example set by her hardworking parents has led Diaset Cabrera to put an equal passion into everything she does, including her enthusiastic marketing for the trendsetting Pandora jewelry brand.
Text by Sandy Lindsey photo by Edward Leal | May 10, 2018 | People

Diaset Cabrera started her career at Perry Ellis International, learning that while brand marketing builds customer loyalty, retail marketing does the work in driving foot-traffic to brick & mortar establishments. Today, she puts that knowledge to excellent use as the Sr. Marketing Manager for The Boolchand Group and their Pandora stores in the U.S,. at Miami International Mall, Brickell City Centre and The Caribbean. “Seeing something come to life from start to finish is very fulfilling — whether it’s a store opening event, a promotion or a new product launch,” she says. “At the end of the day, Pandora really is a brand for everyone with history and evolving brand categories.” From the customer who wants to remember life’s moments to the fashionista — there’s much opportunity to market the product to every one. “It really does sell itself!”;

“The new Pandora campaign revolves around DO. It has inspired me to DO just that — bring vitality and enthusiasm to both my personal and work life!”

Pandora’s newest Spring Collection is all about breaking the mold. It encourages wearers to “DO.” DO be true to their self, expression and authenticity. DO embrace their personal style. DO believe in themselves; be confident and their own best friend. And most importantly, DO celebrate every day. “Don’t lose sight of the fact that life is, plain and simple, what one makes of it!”