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Palm invented some of the very first “smart” handheld devices, but then disappeared. Well, they’re making a comeback, and backed by the NBA’s Steph Curry, with a radical twist — a tiny smartphone.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | December 28, 2018 | Lifestyle

As smartphones get large, and with good reason, there’s a need for a small, convenient, carry-it-anywhere device more than ever. Functioning as a companion for your regular smartphone, The Palm syncs with your number so you can leave your big phone at home and still get calls, texts and even your e-mails and app access, everything you need to stay connected without the same level of constant nagging (and bulk) that comes with a traditional smartphone. The tech is similar to a smartwatch, as it constantly syncs with the user’s main smartphone, wherever it might happen to be. It’s about one-third smaller than most new iPhone and Androids and weighs a mere 62.5 grams, guaranteeing it won’t ruin the line of your clothing at a fancy event. Behind the 3.3 in. LCD screen is 3GB of RAM, a 12 mp camera and an 800-mAh battery;