Radical Rewards

Developing effective leaders is only part of the job for Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, CEO of Radical Partners — the rest has to do with helping build an empowered legacy of community leaders.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila Photo courtesy of Radical Partners | May 26, 2018 | People

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey wants to see Miami become a hub for social-change ideas.  She’s the CEO of Radical Partners, a social-impact accelerator that grows nonprofit and social change ventures, and Founder of Executive Director Bootcamp, a 5-session intensive professional development program for leaders of social impact organizations. In a nutshell, she says, she searches for founders of organizations and companies that solve important social issues, and she helps them grow. “We help local organizations scale up to become national organizations, and we help small but mighty organizations get ready to take on bigger challenges,” she says.
Having completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania and then earning a Masters in Education at Bank Street College Of Education, Fishman Lipsey taught in Harlem through Teach For America, and eventually went on to become the Executive Director of Teach For America in Miami. While there, she helped the organization triple in size and raise more than $22 million in the effort.
Having developed a keen eye for spotting high-success potential, Fishman Lipsey launched Radical Partners to help organizations grow and reach new heights. “I scout for talent…for leaders who may not be well-known, but who demonstrate unbelievable potential for impact — I only select a handful of organizations to work with a year,” she says. “I seek out organizations that are already successful on a smaller scale that have a transformational impact in their current space and realize they’re hitting a wall.”
Her Executive Director Bootcamp experience allows Executive Directors and Founders of nonprofits or social entrepreneurship ventures to work in a supportive cohort to hone and perfect their pitch, fundraising tools, brand and collateral, time-management systems, performance goals and long-term vision. “So much of what I do is about helping leaders to envision the future so clearly that it becomes inevitable for them to achieve it,” she says.
Investing in the success of others is only one part of Fishman Lipsey’s world. She’s also the youngest person to serve on the Florida Board Of Education, where she directly impacts education policy and is a frequent contributor to Huffington Post. She doesn’t solely use her voice to advocate and educate, the mother of 2 little super-dudes is also a Singer/Songwriter who loves spending time on the beach and volunteering for organizations that she cares deeply about;