Recovery Mode

Text by Jorge Arauz, Editor in Chief. Illustration by Jorge Arauz | July 13, 2018 | Lifestyle

One of the most frustrating years in recent memory is finally behind us! What a ride! Perhaps we should all be grateful that we made it through the 2008 hurricane season without catching the eye of Arthur, Bertha, Sally, Teddy or Cristobal (coincidentally the last name of my dear friend and Key Biscayne Magazine’s President, Jessica). With this issue we wanted to highlight the people who are excelling despite a tough national economy. For it’s their stories that will inspire the whiners among us to quit staring at that half-empty glass on the table and instead look forward to the full glass of ice-cold relief that awaits us at the end of the proverbial dry spell that’s been tugging at the wallets and savings of so many of our friends, family and neighbors. In less depressing news, we are gearing up for our annual Most Beautiful People Issue. We’re looking for 5 men and 5 women who are so attractive inside and out that they rival the spectacular waterfront residences, serene beaches and sunny days that define life on our utopic island. Make sure to send in your nominations to me at [email protected] before Valentine’s Day to ensure your candidates are considered. All tallies from last year will be null and void, so please make sure to re-submit your favorites if they didn’t make the cut to appear on last year’s gatefold cover and corresponding fashion spreads. Remember, all semi-finalists are selected based on the number of nominations they receive, so encourage others to submit your favorites as well. As we prepare for what’s sure to be an exciting new year, make sure to stay positive, prosperous…and above all else, make sure you keep flipping our pages.

Jorge Arauz, Editor-in-Chief