Refreshing Mixer

If you’re looking to amp up your cocktails this season, you might want to consider adding a little coconut water to the mix. Not only will you infuse a jolt of refreshing flavor into every sip, you’ll also ensure you get a little extra hydration so you avoid those head-pounding hangovers in the morning.

Something Different
Want to take your dessert to the next level? Try vinegar. No, we’re not kidding — Saba Dressing is a luxuriously sweet take on balsamic vinegar. Trebbiano grapes are reduced and then aged for 2 years in chestnut and oak barrels. Think of the condensed spirit of grapes or raisin, with just the right amount of tang to offset the sweetness. We love it on cheesecake, grilled fruit or even drizzled over ice cream; $48,


“So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.” — Franz Kafka

Big Tab
Think being President comes with all the perks? Well, not quite: The First Family is charged for meals at The White House that aren’t part of state functions. They also pay for other household goods, like toothpaste and toilet paper.



Burn Out
It’s a common saying that booze used in a meal “cooks off” when exposed to high heat. But the truth is, up to 85% of the original alcohol content can still be present unless food is cooked for hours on end.



Big Appetite
Watch out the next time you run into an alligator on your wanders around town: It could be very hungry. Alligators are actually capable of surviving without food for up to 3 years. Talk about hunger pangs…