Reinventing Time

Despite having no dial, hands, or oscillating weight as found on typical wristwatches, Hublot’s ingenious MP-10 manages to keep precise track of time while making a vivid statement about its owner.
Words // Bill Lindsey | March 29, 2024 | Lifestyle

At first glance, it is not immediately clearly evident that the Hublot MP-10 is a timepiece; the sleek design makes it a piece of eye-catching wearable art, yet it is imminently practical as the inclined tourbillon automatic movement, driven by two linear weights, keeps perfect track of time. A curved crystal protects the face, which utilizes two rotating dials to display hours and minutes, with a power reserve dial in red and green located immediately below the minutes dial. Elapsed seconds are displayed on a rotating dial set under the power reserve gauge. This unconventional layout allows the wearer to instantly check the time with just a glance. Given the challenges faced in creating a timepiece that defies “normal” logic, Hublot has limited production to a mere 50 examples, with the rear case housing of the micro-blasted titanium case indicating the serial number of each individual watch, while also allowing a view of the unique mechanism in action. The Hublot MP-10 is art in action, indeed;