Rescue Pride

Project Blue Collar began when Carole Feeney realized that what the world needed was a way to identify rescue dogs and give them a chance to tell their stories.
Words // Zelda Grant | February 23, 2024 | Lifestyle

Back in 2012, Carole Feeney would bring foster dogs to her CrossFit gym to help them find homes. Then an idea struck: What if there was something dogs could wear to identify that they were adopted. Humans wear wristbands to identify causes; what if adopted rescue dogs could wear collars for theirs? And so, Project Blue Collar (PBC) was born. It launched with one product: the Support The Underdog Blue Collar. It was a simple silicone rubber accessory meant to be a conversation starter, a way to tell your adopted dog’s story, thus inspiring others and encouraging them to adopt — not shop! — when adding a pet to their family. In response to the overwhelming support from people on 6 continents and in all 50 states, PBC has developed a lifestyle brand to celebrate dog adoption and a way for people to give back to rescue groups;