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Residential Dream

German Coto is obsessed with design. His ethos is “love for beauty and passion for excellence.” He applies this to all aspects of his life, especially the Aston Martin Residences.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | January 30, 2020 | Design & Real Estate

The Aston Martin Residences are the latest chapter in the Coto Family story of innovation. “My grandfather moved from Spain to Argentina and started a butcher store in Buenos Aires,” says German Coto, CEO of G&G Business Developments. “My father went on to create the COTO supermarket and export business. I expanded the COTO CISCA supermarket chain into China and Dubai. And now, together with my mother who is an inspirational entrepreneur, we are in the luxury real estate market, bringing our knowledge from the real estate business in Argentina and adding our love for beauty and passion for excellence.” At the Aston Martin Residences, every aspect has been carefully considered to meet owners’ needs, including over 42,000 square feet of sky amenities across four floors, a private superyacht marina, exclusive beach experiences, and a personal butler service. “If owners are searching for uniqueness, they will appreciate the perfect details, the rhythm of proportion, and pure beauty of this exquisite residential development,” he says. It took almost a year to find and secure the plot; the last piece of land on the river in Downtown Miami, with direct access to the ocean — it demanded something spectacular. “When we started exploring partnership opportunities with luxury brands, our goal was to find a company ready to work hand-in-hand with our design team and architects to define a luxury style, to put its mark on the project bringing an authentic design experience,” he says. “Once we met Aston Martin, everything clicked into place.” G&G Development is proud to be the company to persuade the iconic British sports car brand to venture into its first — and currently only — residential project. Aston Martin’s impeccable and elegant design DNA can be felt throughout the property, making it rare and exclusive;