Retreat In A Box

Every day is a new chance to connect to the most conscious, healthy, honest, joyful version of ourselves. Luckily, healing ourselves with earthy products is made easy with Yogi Surprise.
Text by Ros Prado | May 20, 2018 | Lifestyle

Yogi surprise created the perfect subscription box for the goddess who believes that self-care is a beautiful necessity that must be approached from a sustainable point of view. With a monthly care package designed to complement your environmentalist ways, each box is filled with products that will support your mindful life and free spirit. Encouraging us to be conscious of what we put into our bodies, Yogi Surprise abstains from products containing GMOs, synthetic flavoring, artificial coloring and preservatives. Including only the most natural and sustainable products in the market, they believe health and happiness exist when we make intentional choices in the way we move, eat and act. So whether you actively practice yoga or just care about the wellbeing of Mother Earth, this monthly box will allow you to retreat in the most deliberate way possible;