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Frank Lloyd Wright wanted to inspire people to live a more beautiful life. His Usonian homes and furniture support this vision by democratizing design and allowing the world — then and now — to enjoy high-quality, affordable furniture pieces.
Words by Stacy Wynn | August 31, 2020 | Design & Real Estate

Amidst Frank Lloyd Wright’s Desert Laboratory in Arizona, Taliesin West, live rare product archives and records of architectural designs that have remained unexplored for many decades — until now. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has teamed up with trendy furniture firm Inside Weather to explore those creative chronicles. The result is the reimagining and manufacturing of the first-ever, limited-quantity run of the Usonia Collection furniture. The pieces embrace the Usonian philosophy, resulting in an eye-catching line that is both remarkably ergonomic and sculptural. The materials, of course, are easily obtainable, just like in the original Usonian homes. Inside Weather’s process produces as little waste as possible and meets FSC, SFC, Oeko-Tex and Bluesign standards — making them as sustainable as they are beautiful;