Rich Symbolism

Through Fiona Krüger’s artistic approach to haute horlogerie and L’Epée 1839’s know-how, the skull has been re-interpreted into a mechanical painting for the 21st Century.
Words // Zelda Grant | March 28, 2023 | Lifestyle

The one-of-a-kind clocks from L’Epee 1839’s Vanitas are inspired by their namesake. A vanitas is a still-life artwork, which includes various symbolic objects to remind the viewer of the transience of life. This was an important and popular genre of painting in the 1600’s and includes symbols like skulls and extinguished candles. This modern reinterpretation of a charismatic cranium by Fiona Krüger, who spent part of her childhood in Mexico City and has vivid memories of the Dia De Los Muertos, reminds us to celebrate life. The hours and minutes are shown by the clock’s hands, and a power reserve indicator is integrated into the mouth of the skull. As it loses power, it starts to yawn, indicating it needs to be wound up. With a 40-day power reserve, this monthly ritual will give you a moment to stop and take stock of the time you have left;