Ride On

Rule #1 for a successful dinner party is a seating arrangement designed to avoid clashes over political or religious views while keeping EV owners away from Monster Truck fans. But suddenly it’s OK to seat Prius owners next to Hummer drivers.
Words by Bill Lindsey | November 27, 2020 | Lifestyle

The term “Hummer” is synonymous with huge, fuel-gulping, military vehicles. But not long after General Motors acquired the brand, everything that made the Hummer a hit — horrendous fuel economy, daunting size, off-road capability and testosterone-drenched looks — resulted in the brand’s demise. Then someone at GM tossed out an idea: “Let’s make it an EV!” The result is a vehicle that provides a guilt-free way to drive a beast that dominates the highway with a 400-mile range and goes from 0 to 60 time in about 3 seconds. Huge 35” tires, the ability to raise the suspension 6” and up to 1,000-hp makes the Hummer a great alternative to the current crop of huge pickup trucks. GM will add an SUV model for those who need maximum passenger capacity. The best option is all-wheel steering which delivers the agility of a ballerina and the ability to crabwalk diagonally. If you want a macho truck that’s also green, you want a Hummer;