Ride The Tides

Other than some eye-popping new colors and styling options, Yamaha is leaving much of its highly personal successful line-up alone for 2020, allowing them to focus on sport-improving accessories. The results are nothing short of awesome.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | January 30, 2020 | Lifestyle

One of the company’s best sellers, the Yamaha VX Cruiser is one of the most popular Personal Water Craft (PWC) on the market. Their recently redesigned FX line is selling out and the focus has shifted for 2020 to accessories. They start with their new FX Audio Package that sends out bodacious watts while being removable, completely waterproof and shock-resistant — it even floats. The EX/VX speakers have been enhanced to provide equally tremendous sound. The builder also improved their already innovative Exogear Speakers. The pair now boast 30-watt 4 in. woofers and separate tweeters and 15 hours of battery life. But the exciting news isn’t just about sound. The new VX Stern Storage can be used to hold fishing rods, towing extra gear or allow you to pack for any overnight destination. The new Cooler Bag allows you to pack plenty of cold drinks — both seriously long-needed additions. Then there’s the new EX series trio: Bow Waterproof Storage, Hatch Storage and Stern storage that means you can have pulse-pounding excitement and finally bring along all the stuff you used to have to do without;