Rising Star

For driving phenom Joao Vergara, fresh of a win at the 2023 Lucas Oil Scholarship Shootout, the future is bright and the sky is the limit.

Brazilian-born Joao Vergara emerged from two days of intense on- and off-track training with 20 other racers to claim the top prize in the 2023 Lucas Oil Scholarship Shootout. The win presents a major opportunity to gain experience in the series, as he paves the way to a bigger championship. “He’s a great kid and was strong in every category,” says NBC Sports Analyst & Former IndyCar Pilot Brian Till, who provided judging feedback on the contestants on both their on-track efforts as well as in simulated media sessions. “He really embodies what this scholarship is about — not only for where he is now, but also for the potential that he showed.” With a significant following already established in his native Brazil, Vergara is eager to spread the word on this amazing program to drivers all around the world. Next, he will race the Formula Winter Series in preparation for the 2023 Lucas Oil Formula Car Series which kicks off June 19-20 at the Sebring International Raceway in Florida; @Vergara.Racing.