Robot Bartender

Lazy drinkers rejoice. The Barsys is an ergonomically designed automated cocktail maker that can deliver perfect cocktails and mocktails in a jiffy. Zero-gravity buzz not included.
Text by Zelda Grant | February 28, 2019 | Lifestyle

Space X is amazing, but it’s not real to us Average Joes and Josephines. The Barsys is modern technology in a way that matters — it mixes drinks. Imagine the idea of your own personal bartender available 24/7. You can even talk to the Barsys and tell it all your troubles…while it won’t give you any good advice (or any advice at all), it won’t tell your secrets nor judge you the morning after. Since it’s about the size of a microwave, it fits just about anywhere. The App has 2,000 cocktail recipes, you just tell it what you’ve stocked your bar with and the app will show all the cocktails that can be served up. This revolutionary machine even understands the difference between stirring and shaking. Now that’s scientific minds put to good use!;

Manhattan cocktail with lemon and maraschino cherry on black background