Rusty, Reborn

An iconic institution based on one of our most scenic bay sides, sandy standby The Rusty Pelican is instituting some innovative new changes for their customer base.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

Every city has them, in one form or another. Quintessential culinary landmarks inextricably associated with the municipalities they occupy. What most metropolises aren’t as fortunate to have is a restaurant like The Rusty Pelican, both wedded to its history while simultaneously eager to pioneer compelling options for their dedicated clientele. Of particular note? An awe-inspiring new wine list of over 300 bottles, carefully curated by Master Sommelier Michael Jordan. Eager that not just oenophiles should enjoy the benefits of this expanding institution, The Rusty Pelican is pairing this fantastic feature with exciting new food offerings and a masterfully mixed cocktail menu, sure to secure this cherished eatery for further generations of Key Biscayne residents;