Safety First

First aid kits are great for minor injuries, but a trauma kit, filled with items first responders carry, like MyMedic’s compact yet comprehensive EveryDay Carry Kit can truly be a lifesaver.
Words // Bill Lindsey | June 23, 2023 | Lifestyle

Cuts and scrapes happen, making it a great idea to carry a First Aid Kit in the car, have one at home, and stash another at the office. But if the injuries can’t be fixed with a Band-Aid, it’s cheap insurance to also have a MyMedic EveryDay Carry Kit. The very compact kit (8.5 ounces, 5 ¼ by 4 ¾ inches in size) contains some of the key items first responders carry; items that are not found in a typical drug store kit. The items include chest seals for penetrating wounds, a tourniquet to treat arterial bleeding, a QuickClot pack and pressure bandage to control traumatic bleeding, nitrile gloves, and a survival guide. My Medic was founded after the loss of a loved one due to not having needed equipment on hand. In addition to kits, they also offer online training. It’s not paranoid to be prepared;