Salad Chomp

A salad can easily become a fat-packed disaster if topped with the wrong ingredients. So before you drown your lettuce with high-calorie creamy dressings and toppings, make sure to read this easy-peasy guide to a healthy meal.
Text by Ros Prado | May 23, 2018 | Lifestyle


1.Use as much leafy greens as possible. Try arugula, romaine, spinach and kale. These offer great taste and texture with low calories.

2.Mix in fresh fruit. Fruits make a great topping ingredient for salads. Give them an extra punch with some seasoning to keep each meal interesting and fun without adding much fat.

3.Add nuts. Nuts are a great source of protein and deliciously tasty. Not to mention that the added crunchiness will help curb carb cravings.

4.Use vinegar as dressing. Vinegar is big in taste but small in calories, which makes it a perfect choice for salad dressing. Make sure to pick one that’s as delicious as it is healthy.

5.Use parmesan cheese. No need to drown your salad in high-fat cheeses. A tablespoon of parmesan has roughly 20 calories and a whole lot of taste.


1.Don’t aim for monotony. Change up your salad or it’ll get boring and unappetizing. Try different vegetable combinations and secret ingredients to keep the palate pleased and excited.

2.Avoid using dried fruit. It’s packed with sugar, preservatives and calories. Just one serving of dried cranberries can add nearly 150 calories to your salad.

3. Skip the croutons. Most packaged varieties are loaded with calories, fat, salt and can easily turn your salad into a carb fest. Opt to make your own at home.

4.Don’t drown your greens in creamy dressings. Ranch and Thousand Island may taste great but they can seriously sabotage your salad by adding hundreds of unwanted calories.

5.Don’t use cold cuts. Topping your salad with bacon bits or salami to add flavor will add unnecessary saturated fat, sodium and a ton of preservatives to your diet.