Salad Days

Radically hospitable in a culture that sometimes prizes flash over the warmth and comfort food provides, Chef Joao “Juca” Oliveira’s Tutto Pizza & Pasta is intent on putting a relaxing lunch back on Key Biscayne’s menu.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | Photos by Edward Leal | May 1, 2018 | Lifestyle

“I like to keep things simple in both my life and my cooking,” says Chef Joao “Juca” Oliveira, former frontline cook on some of our coast’s most reputable restaurants and current Owner/Operator of Tutto Pizza & Pasta, widely regarded as the most sensationally serene eatery Key Biscayne has produced in decades. Like most things in life, concepts are often easier said than done. And in an age as terminally time-strapped as ours, for the head of an independent restaurant to make overtures toward simplicity and minimalism may seem laughable. But even a quick glance at everything Chef Oliveira produces — from the smiling families contentedly dining at Tutto Pizza & Pasta to the bustling and attentive staff within that exemplifies this Brazilian-born chef’s appreciation of the simple and loving things in life. Intent on bringing a rustic appreciation of good food among friends and families back to the powerhouse professionals and over-extended supermoms (and dads) of our isle, Chef Oliveira is a tireless champion of the benefits a long and languorous lunch, perhaps with a glass of one of their choice house wines, can bring to individuals and, by extension, societies at large. A proud proponent of rarified and authentic ingredients, a glance at the lengthy lunch menu provides a glimpse into the Tuscan-sun soaked vision and Latin American roots of this important member of the Key Biscayne culinary community. From house-made pastas to their staggering selection of fresh salads, there’s simply no way to go wrong when enjoying a lunch at this trademark trattoria!;

Di Tonno Salad
Seared Tuna Steak
Organic Mixed Greens
Green Beans
Black Olives
Hard-boiled Eggs
Cherry-Vinegar Dressing