Salvage Sculptor

With a wide body of work that always makes one look twice, Miami-based artist Federico Uribe’s recycled sculptures are a bold mix of the Seussian and the sobering.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 11, 2018 | People

Well-known among the Wynwood set, Bogota-born Artist Federico Uribe is a formative member of the still-emergent Miami art scene, whose publications, lectures and exhibitions have been eagerly received across the globe. A master of towing the line between ecologically sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, the artist’s re-purposed works are a delight to delve into and explore. From beloved pets to realist portraiture, bullets and garden hoses, Uribe weaves between subjects and materials just as deftly as he does the everyday things he transforms into his own innovative brand of sculpture. And although sustainability is clearly a portion of this talented multi-media message, Uribe ultimately sees the vaulted values of peace and love as the driving message of his work — it’s a poignant throughline for an artist whose homeland has been devastated by a half-century of civil conflict;