Scarf Ace

Yet another brave Brazilian brand crafting chic looks for our Magic Citizens, Scarf Me’s dazzling designs and therapeutic textures make them a must-have for any season.
Text by Hugh Marchand | August 29, 2018 | Fashion

Perhaps the greatest benefit of residing in our city? The influx of inspiring designer brands trickling in from our many friendly neighbors to the South. The most exciting of the exotic brands to slowly infiltrate the fashion-forward social media accounts of our city’s most sizzling influencers, Scarf Me, a Brazilian-derived brand whose iconic prints positively pop, is opening its landmark North American location in Aventura Mall. Founded by brothers Rodrigo & Daniel Rosset, the company’s delicate digital prints and authentically awesome array of options (ranging from choice in fabric to suit every season, to a swathe of sizes to properly accessorize all types of outfits) will include a set of exclusive “Miami” designs sure to enthuse their target demographic. From fantastical flamingo’s to the saints of indigenous Brazilian religious traditions, it’s clear that the Rosset’s unique approach to scarf-making will be a big hit;