Seamless Enjoyment

Want to watch the big game and enjoy the beach? See top movies while camping or traveling? With LG StanbyMe Go, users can now catch their favorite shows anyplace, anytime, easily and conveniently.
Words // Zelda Grant | November 26, 2023 | Lifestyle

The LG StandbyMe Go takes portable entertainment to a whole new level with stunning details and colors in an immersive, 3D audio experience that brings movies, shows and sports further to life, all powered by a 3-hour battery. “Our journey began with the pledge to create something entirely new, driven by bold ideas,” says Park Ji-won, Senior Manager of the Home Entertainment (HE) Product Planning Team. In addition to unmatched functionality, the LG StanbyMe Go is nestled in a protective case with compartments for storing remote controls, a power cable and other necessities. Made of corrosion-resistant premium materials, it reduces the risk of damage and scratches, even when taken outdoors. It works equally well for office presentations, meetings, trade shows, or entertaining the kids at Grandma’s;