Seaside Sophistication

The exquisite Baker Resort Collection and The Baker Resort Collection for McGuire are inspired by coastal vacations and modern luxury living, with naturalistic materials, indulgent textures, and simple yet elegant forms.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | February 23, 2024 | Lifestyle

The Baker-McGuire legacy brands’ first-ever joint collection is an immersive ensemble that transports one to a dreamlike oasis within their own home. “Our team has been inspired during our recent travels to places like South Florida, New York, California and Italy,” says Erica Wingo, Sr. VP of Merchandising & Marketing at Baker-McGuire. “This furniture launch is a celebration of those environments and the hospitality experiences we’ve encountered there. It was important for us to craft a fresh style that doesn’t currently exist within the Baker-McGuire repertoire, while at the same time showcasing each brand’s unique heritage.” When paired together, the pieces harmonize style and functionality while naturally elevating everyday spaces, transcending typical furniture and effortlessly doubling as sculpture and art. The collections feature an impressive lineup of 92 distinct pieces across both brands, comprised of sleek nightstands, beds, dressers, benches, mirrors, dining arrangements, cocktail tables, spot and accent tables, chests, étagères, and much more, including an assortment of upholstery seating;