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Seeing Red

While not technically Christmas Red, Christian Louboutin’s new Rouge Louboutin Limited Edition Collection makes an excellent holiday gift from you to someone or just from you to yourself.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 22, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

What’s your pick? Silky satin, velvet matte or sheer voile. How about all of them! The lipstick bullets from Louboutin’s new Rogue Collection are encased in black, gold and silver finishes with a loop at the top so they can be worn as an intriguing necklace. The collection even comes with a gunmetal chain, though you can use your own choice to personalize your look. “I wanted to work with the idea of jewelry for the next chapter in the red line,” Louboutin said of the collection. “Not only can a woman wear one of my Rouge Louboutin Lip Colors on her lips, but she will be able to adorn herself with this necklace.” The lipsticks are also available separately with a velvet band;