Sent & Peeved

Ladies, stop the madness! There’s no need to go into full panic mode just because he hasn’t replied to your text. You know what I’m talking about. You tried to reach out and he hasn’t responded. Your sanity is held hostage by ludicrous thoughts that often yield a typical thought-pattern that’s all too common.
Text by Ros Prado | May 28, 2018 | Lifestyle

1.Message sent. Wow. I’m so funny. I wonder if he’s laughing. I bet he is. Who wouldn’t laugh at this?!

2.Wait, did I actually send the text message? Let me double check. It was hilarious, he should’ve answered by now.

3. Is he busy? Did he not think it was funny? What’s going on? Maybe his ringer is off.

4.Ok. Whatever. If he doesn’t want to answer, he doesn’t have to…I guess. I’m definitely not going to obsess about it.

5. Let me double-check.
I’m sure he texted me back and I just missed it. LOL. Silly me. Nope. Oh, maybe he tried calling and I didn’t hear it. Hmmm…but my ringer’s on. Weird.
6. I should look to see if the text message went through. It says it was delivered but was it really? Should I resend? Naw. I’m sure he’s just thinking of something sweet to say.

7.Should I call him? No. No. No calling. I will seem desperate and I’m obviously not. There will be absolutely no calling. At least for now.

8. Ok, seriously?! It’s been 13 minutes! What could possibly be so time-consuming that he can’t answer a text?! Sex. That’s what.

9.Oh my God! Is he with someone else? Maybe he’s sleeping with his new assistant! Maybe he took her out to lunch to profess his love for her.

10.His assistant is pretty. Is she prettier than me? I need to ask my best friend what she thinks.
11.Oh, yay! My phone is vibrating! Oh wait, no…false alarm. Ugh. It’s my mom. “Yeah mom, I’m OK, call you later.”

12. “OMG…I’m going to kill him if he took her to our restaurant! Homewrecker.

13. I need to take a shower and get dressed so I can head over there and catch them in the act. He’s gonna be sorry he ever messed with me.

14. YAY! He texted back. “LOL.” That’s it? LOL? 3 lousy letters is all I get? OMG.

15. One minute later: It’s him!” “Hey, that was really funny. I miss you. Do u wanna hang out 2nite?” *Gush* “Sure, what did you have in mind?”