Shark Style!

Of all the creatures in the ocean, none are more impressive than a shark gliding stealthily through the water, master of all it surveys. Now you can be the shark!
Words by Bill Lindsey | January 28, 2022 | Lifestyle

A boat allows you to explore a part of the world most people never see, but imagine if you could see it from the perspective of a swimming fish. The Seabreacher does just that, allowing you to glide along just above the surface at speeds up to 50 mph, then dive 5 feet under before leaping out of the water, just like a magnificent shark. While technically a boat, the Seabreacher is clearly unlike anything else on the water. The two-person cockpit provides secure seating with an overhead canopy giving the feeling of being in a fighter jet. With the watertight canopy closed, the vessel can safely descend a few feet beneath the surface, while the dorsal fin-shaped snorkel provides air for the 1500 cc Rotax engine. Top speed while partially submerged is 25 mph. The controls are very intuitive; anyone who can operate a small boat can learn to pilot the Seabreacher in a few hours. To ensure safety, it’s unsinkable and can be operated on the surface with the canopy open. Those seeking something fun and unusual will do well to consider this sea beast;