Celebrities are notorious for their sometimes-questionable fashion choices, but many of them are right on the money when it comes to the bike shorts trend.
Text by Zelda Grand | November 29, 2018 | Fashion

Peddle over to a boutique near you: Bike shorts are back and their fiercer than ever. This new style essential has made it to the runways and been seen on certified style influencers — so it’s more than official now. We love the look because bike shorts pull the butt, stomach and thighs in snugly for a hot body silhouette. Pair them with a blazer or a crisp shirt for a boardroom-meets-spin class elan. Wear them with some outrageously clunky sneakers for style with comfort or add a pair of skyscraper heels for cocktail hour chic. Toss on some pearls to add further to the mix of unexpected pieces and head-turning style surprises.