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Sittin’ Cozy

Imagine cozying up in this comfy little number. The Moel by Ligne Roset offers thermofoam wrapped in bands of quilting, ensuring that you won’t feel the need to move for hours. The sleek, stylish design adds a livable modern appeal to any room. To peruse the entire collection, visit

Storage Treasure
Guaranteed to draw the eye in any room, this beautiful Gold Leaf Chest is built from select hardwoods and features a gorgeous golden finish. Use it to conceal audio equipment or simply to lighten up a dull corner. The look is utterly timeless, and meshes with modern, traditional and transitional interiors. Available for $999 from

“I always had a lot of dates, but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows instead.”
— Andy Warhol

Kitchen Nightmare
A term inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s hit show, whereby an amateur “chef” tries to cook something up with little or no success. Usually a huge mess is left behind for others to clean.




Dust Don’t
When dust bunnies start to form, it’s a sure sign that either your housekeeper needs to be spoken to or the filters and screens in your home need to be replaced. Either way, allergies are sure to pop up!




House Warming
The types of shades you use to keep the harsh sunrays in or out of your home can affect the overall temperature inside both during the day and at night. Opt for lighter materials and colors to establish an ideal household homeostasis.