Sleek Workout

NOHrD’s exercise equipment stands out due to it high quality, functionality, environmental awareness and aesthetic beauty. The pieces are designed to be highlighted, not tucked away; always welcoming the next workout.
Words by Stacy Wynn | April 27, 2023 | Lifestyle

The NOHrD Sprintbok knows no limits: 100% powered by the strength of your own legs, you can determine all kinds of running workouts. Endurance runs, sprints or intervals — this machine absorbs any kind of training, thanks to its ball-bearing slatted belt. Similarly, the ergonomic handlebar design, competition-inspired seat profile, and quick-adjust frame provide a performance road-bike feel in the comforts of home. From novice riders to champion cyclists, the perfect level of resistance is always at your fingertips. Add in a Rowing Machine, Water Grinder and Dumbells for a full gym;