Smart Golf

The Odyssey O-Works Putters are totally rad. Their revolutionary Microhinge Insert Technology has created a new way to roll (for both the style-conscious player and the ball) and changed the future of putting forever.

The revolutionary impact of the Callaway O-Work Putters Microhinge Insert Technology provides incredible gains in topspin and roll at impact regardless of your stroke. The key is how the stainless steel Microhinge plate is co-molded into the Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer to offer both a great feel and a new geometry of the hinges and urethane, which together help to get the ball into a better roll at impact. While all this technical info is great, especially if you’re looking to sound cool chatting it up a the 19th Hole to explain your vastly improved game, what really matters is that these putters significantly help even the most newbie player’s game. The high contrasts allows players’ eyes to focus on the important parts of the putter to get the proper face angle and resulting impact alignment with the intended target. In other words, better shots — ‘nuff said;